Learning Spanish doesn’t just happen in the classroom! 


We are passionate about our beautiful city and the rich traditional culture of Bolivia. Through our in-class and extracurricular activities we explore the robust Sucre food culture, bustling markets, try out uniquely Bolivian sports and prepare you to dance the night away in a Salsa bar. All the while, using and building on your Spanish skills in a sociable and fun way. This helps prepare you to use your Spanish in real-world situations. ​


In-class activities

Every week we leave the classroom and take the classes to the street. During these excursions, we will explore the city, travel to towns nearby, try local delicacies such as the popular Salteña and Chicha, visit the markets to practice buying fruits and vegetables and learn more of the history of Sucre. All the while practising your Spanish skills under the guidance of your teacher.

Extracurricular activities

These are optional fun social opportunities to practice your Spanish with other students and participate in enjoyable Bolivian activities. Activities range from Bolivian cooking classes, Salsa classes, night tours and the ever-popular Wallyball or Wally - a variation of volleyball played in a Squash court. 

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