'Traveller's Spanish' in 20 hours 


Our individual classes are a focused one-on-one experience. With your own private teacher you will spend the first part of the four-hour class learning grammar and vocabulary, and after a 15-minute break, we will guide you in fun and immersive activities designed to practice and apply what you have learned. 


The learning activities range from verbal questions and answers, games, imaginary or role-playing scenarios and even visits to Sucre’s famous markets, Saltañeria’s and more. These activities are intended to improve your reading, listening, pronunciation and speaking ability. 


Private classes give the advantage of setting the pace according to your progress and classes cater for any level - from absolute beginner to advanced study. If you'd like to maximize your time, we also offer an intensive course, which is six hours per day. 


Take advantage of our great value offer for 20 hours per week of classes. Contact us to find out more!

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